OUR GOOD™ is a Community Development Social Enterprise which offers projects, platforms and tools created to:

  • inspire social healing through an awareness of our interconnectedness
  • empower transformation focused on Our Common Good
  • cultivate a Culture of Care
  • foster collaboration in support of others’ good works

Beginning with Wishadoo! in 2007, other symbiotic projects have been developed to form OUR GOOD™, all sharing the intention to:

  • Provide safe spaces in which to nurture respectful conversation and Community.
  • Share resources, information, news and ideas; offer practical solutions and support
  • Foster grassroots creativity and innovation centered around Our Common Good
  • Incubate co-ops and other expressions of a Caring Economy; grow “caregiverism”
  • Cultivate hope, joy, faith in Humanity, personal and collective empowerment

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More videos at our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

As more projects are developed, we will add them to this portal. There are a few waiting in the wings as you read this, so please bookmark this site. To learn more about the founder of Our Good, click here.

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