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Our What, Why & How

OurGood™ is a Community Development Social Enterprise focused on supporting the Common Good, serving all sectors of society — individuals, groups, organizations, schools, and businesses — via various projects, platforms and tools, all designed to cultivate connectivity, reduce suffering and increase joy, recognizing that, first and foremost, we must care.
Our reason for being is to catalyze, cultivate and support individual and systemic transformation toward a caring, compassionate, cooperative, just, sustainable world.

By developing projects, platforms and resources which:

  • inspire and support healing by opening hearts and minds
  • support and facilitate connection and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations
  • offer practical tools which aim to reduce suffering, increase joy, inspire hope, and nurture our Common Humanity.

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First and foremost, we strive to cultivate CARE:   caring about,  for and with in order to reduce suffering and increase joy.

With a foundation of genuine care, we can then act with more compassion & empathy, courage, inclusivity, integrity, optimism and wisdom to support our transformation to a more collaborative, just and sustainable world.


The path of healing and transformation, away from Othering and toward more caring, just, equitable communities and societies begins with awareness — including self-awareness.

With awareness, we can expand and deepen our capacity to care;

With care comes connection and relationship;

With relationship comes opportunities to trust and embrace truth;

With trust comes heartfelt compassion and empathy;

With compassion and empathy come justice and healing;

With justice and healing comes peace;

With peace we can create meaningful, joy-filled sustainable lives, communities and societies.

But, first, we must care.

With care, all manner of good is possible.

About Our Projects

MISSION: To be an exemplar for a Culture of Care.

HOW: By cultivating compassion, cooperation and authentic community in myriad ways, online and in our own backyards. Wishadoo! provides safe, respectful spaces and many familiar online tools and resources under one roof for all sectors of community. These tools offer us different ways to put caring values into action in meaningful, practical ways each day.

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MISSION: To reduce suffering, increase joy, and support genuine connection and collaboration

HOW: By providing a much-needed comprehensive resource directory where people can access help (reduce suffering) and access all kinds of Good (increase joy). The Community Good Directory is also a job-creating, legacy project.

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MISSION: Inspire, Educate, Illuminate

HOW: By sharing original and curated content highlighting good news, good projects, good (solution-based) ideas, and good people. The digital platform is user-friendly and organized, helping readers find Good around the world and in their local communities.

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MISSION: The Coalition for Good exists to catalyze, cultivate and support individual, societal and systemic transformation toward a caring, just, sustainable world.

HOW: By creating a grassroots, multi-sector network of members who have pledged their commitment to:

  • cooperate and collaborate in support of our Community Good. We believe true progress is achieved when members of community and society, mindful of the interconnectedness of all things, engage in actions that transcend individual interest and benefit the whole…the whole of Humanity and the whole of this planet we all call home.
  • most effectively and efficiently implement these practices with respect and care for one another, and for our common Community Good, at the forefront of our daily lives.

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Dena Patrick
Dena PatrickFounder
I’m an evangelist for the Common Good. My mission: reduce suffering, increase joy

The underlying intention with all of my work is to catalyze transformation, individual and systemic, toward a caring consciousness, caring communities, and more just, equitable, harmonious, regenerative and thus sustainable societies.

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