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Are you ready to make a difference today?

DIRECTORY  –  The first global comprehensive community resource directory. Find the assistance (or the good!) resources you need, or help someone else do the same. If you know of resources that should be added, let us know!


MAGAZINE  –  Inspire | Educate | Illuminate

Solution-based, inspiring articles and information (Local Good coming soon). By sharing these articles, you help raise awareness, which in turn contributes to our mission: Reduce suffering and increase joy.


WISHADOO! – The Community Good Network

Wishadoo! is very much like Facebook, so it will be intuitive for many of you. In addition, there are tools (or sections) which function like gofundme, craigslist, Ebay, Huffington Post and so much more — all under one roof. The tools are offered with the intention of offering easy, practical ways to connect and help one another, and to cultivate All Things Good in our daily live.

Please view the entire Wishadoo! Community space as one big toolbox.

Whether you are an individual, group, business, school or other organization, if you are committed to working toward a more caring, just, equal and sustainable world, you are welcome to join us.


Community Tools found at WISHADOO!:

WISHLIST  –  Use Wishadoo’s very first community tool, known as “a craigslist of compassion,” to give, receive, pay it forward, dream and put a new, more caring economy into action

FUNDRAISING  –  Similar to gofundme and similar sites, as well as kickstarter

MARKETPLACE –  Just like Ebay…but for Good Smile

FORUM  –  The space for respectful discussion about things that matter

GROUPS –  Similar to Facebook groups but much better for ongoing discussion, planning, creating and sharing


There are other more familiar tools and features which are part of the Community Good Network:  Events, Photos, Videos…click the EXPLORE menu tab to do just that: Explore! 

A PETITION tool, a TIMEBANKING tool and similar tools will be added in the near future. 



Coming Soon:

Wishabees   (our children’s division)

Six Degrees of Good Campaign

Wishable Creations