About Wishadoo!

[Please Note: The following vision of Wishadoo! 2.0 was written several years ago, before my health crisis, which is now behind me. We’re now in the Age of COVID-19 and Wishadoo! is needed more than ever.  – Dena]

It has become glaringly apparent that the transformation the world needs is cultural — morally and spiritually. We can implement new systems, invent new technology, elect new leaders and enact new legislation, but without an underlying cultural transformation in our societies, the influential elements and power dynamics of Humanity’s story won’t change.

Wishadoo! IS a cultural transformation. 

It begins with CARE:  care about, in order to care for and, ultimately, care with one another. With care comes connection and relationship; with relationship comes the opportunity to see truth and build trust; with trust comes heartfelt compassion and empathy; with compassion and empathy come justice and healing; with justice and healing comes peace; with peace we can create meaningful, joy-filled, sustainable lives, communities and societies.


Wishadoo! is a transformative anti-racist, anti-bigotry “No-Othering Zone,” platform where we connect and put caring consciousness into action. It is where we know we belong and are safe. It’s where we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. For those of us who embrace a world of inclusion, diversity and genuine partnership, it is where we can gather to develop deeper connection and gain support. For those who so choose, it is also where we can support one another in doing the work of showing those who are afraid of change and diversity that it’s okay…that they belong, too. Until they are ready to open their hearts and minds, however, they are not welcome in this No-Othering sanctuary. Our need for connection and belonging is essential to our well-being on all levels and can be fulfilled via positive, caring, trusting interactions and relationships, not mere transactions.

Our platform is very similar to Facebook but with focused intent; think of it like “Facebook for Mutual Aid + Compassionate Activism & Transformation.”

I believe with every fiber of my being that we can create global cultural transformation by making much better use of social media and similar tools, but only by creating new spaces built on a completely different foundation, with a completely different intention than what has been created thus far, and by creating a foundation with the input of those who are most harmed and Othered in our societies.


It’s time we view the online sphere as one of our core systems and institutions, all of which are in need of transformation toward the creation of a more caring, just world that works for everyone.

It’s hard to ignore the vicious racism, misogyny and other forms of bigotry and bullying that have flourished in online culture and have spilled over into our daily lives. Granted, this fear, anger and hatred have always been there, under the surface, but now that it has been unleashed, it is spreading quickly, becoming more toxic and virulent each day.

Imagine if the online platforms that have shaped modern culture had instead been created with diverse, inclusive experiences and perspectives; the express intent to care about one another and our Common Good; and to influence healing and transformation, deepening of relationships and re-evaluation of values via practical tools available to everyone?

That is what Wishadoo! is offers. 

When relaunched, Wishadoo! will be a model for a Mutual Benefit Society, incorporating community-oriented structures from the past that acted as a social safety net for individuals and families, while also introducing new ways of creating caring communities which embrace Unity in Diversity.  (Wishadoo! was active for years and has proof of concept; it’s time for the bigger, even more transformative version of Wishadoo! to be born:  Wishadoo! 2.0)

Wishadoo! has been built upon an intentional foundation imbued with the following values:

Once a network of stewards and ambassadors are in place, deepening our connection to one another, we will more organically and efficiently be able to grow into authentic community, be of service to the larger Earth community, and support the various efforts and enterprises furthering our shared vision:  

To create a more loving, just, caring and respectful world…a world which honors the dignity of everyone and all life on this planet. 

If interested in any capacity, please contact Dena: denap@ourgood.org

#FirstWeMustCare     #UnityinDiversity     #InThisTogether    #NoOthering

Listen to the story,From Wishadoo! to the Coalition for Good, to learn more about this 10-year journey.

[The Coalition for Good is now a 501(c)3, and is the sister organization to Our Good & Wishadoo!]

Thanks for caring, for believing, and for your help in getting this in front of as many people as possible…people who value and are interested in Care, Compassionate Activism & Transformation.

Each of us is an expression of hope in the world

…and we all have within us the power to move our world forward. Each small action we take is a determination in the direction of humanity. Wishadoo! provides the tools to help build the communities we want. Together, we have an abundance of abilities, an abundance of ideas, and an abundance of solutions. By sharing the vision of a compassionate, caring community, we take Humanity to the next level, where we share from our abundance. From our hope for a bright future springs the change we bring to the world.

~ Bonnie York, Founding Member of Wishadoo!, The Community Good Network ~

“I loved Wishadoo! from the start…”

“For an organization to truly embody its values was almost a miraculous find, and Wishadoo! is a perfect example of how this can be done.  If it wasn’t for this heart-centered community, I would still be ‘dentally challenged’. As a founding community member, I have experienced countless people helping and being helped in various ways over the last 8 years. What I value most is watching this dream become a reality. It began with Wishadoo! — the first site of its kind — and it still stands strong, even as similar projects have come and gone. Other pieces of this wonderful puzzle have manifested over the years, culminating in Our Good.  I have witnessed first-hand what the power of hope and fortitude and a passionate belief in the better angels of our nature can do — thanks to Wishadoo!” – J. Reed